Terms and Conditions of
Hotel Am Böhmepark

Hotel am Böhmepark (Bornemannstr. 3, 29614 Soltau) - hereinafter called ‘hotel’.

1. Scope of Application

1.1 The following terms and conditions apply to the rent of hotel rooms, as well as all further services.

1.2 Different regulations only apply if an individual agreement between hotel and guest exists.

2. Conclusion of Contract

Via booking a hotel room the guest and hotel conclude a hosting agreement.

In case of booking through a third party, any liability will be taken by the third party and guest.

Sub-distribution of the room is only permitted if the hotel has given written consent.

3. Price and Services

The hotel has the duty to provide the services guest and hotel agreed on.

The guest is obliged to pay for all services agreed on. This also applies to third parties.

Costs can be altered after an agreement. All costs are due at departure.

The hotel can ask for securities in advance. Interim bills are permitted.

The guest can only set off or reduce legally valid claims.

Pets are not permitted!

Should the guest ignore the smoking ban, through which renovations or cleaning becomes necessary, 150 € are charged by the hotel for potentially missed bookings.

4. Unclaimed services, cancellation, rescission

The hotel allows rescission at all times under the following conditions:

Up until 8 days before arrival, all cancellations are free. In case of later cancellation, the guest pays 100% of the costs.

The same conditions apply if a guest does not claim services without informing the hotel.

In case of different, individual agreements between guest and hotel, compensations will be omitted.