All attractions are easily accessible by public transport.


By car you can quickly reach many attractions such as the HEIDE PARK Resort, the Weltvogelpark, the Serengeti Park or the Soltau-Therme.


Badespaß für die ganze Familie mit Schwimmen, Toben, Baden und Relaxen - Soltau Therme.

Soltau Therme

The Soltau Therme, one of the most beautiful brine water parks in northern Germany, invites you to play, do sports, have fun and relax. The special feature: Soltau's brine water - from its own spring - is between 30 and 45 degrees warm.


Heide-Park Resort Soltau

Another highlight is the Heide-Park Resort Soltau. Northern Germany's largest amusement park offers action, fun and entertainment for young and old in the middle of a beautiful park landscape with imaginative themed areas.


Weltvogelpark Walsrode

With 4,000 birds of 700 different species from all continents and climate zones of the world, Walsrode has the world's largest zoo specializing in birds. The species-appropriate animal husbandry in large flight aviaries, walk-in flight halls and spacious outdoor enclosures makes the World Bird Park a unique facility in the world. The 240,000 square meter park and garden landscape invites you to explore the secrets of the bird world at any time of year.


Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen

The Serengeti Park Hodenhagen in the Lüneburg Heath is a safari adventure of a special kind. A safari tour like in faraway Africa awaits you there. You can look forward to exciting adventures in the three safari experiences: Serengeti Safari, Jungle Safari and Adventure Safari.


Our recommendation for you:

The beautiful Lüneburg Heath invites you to take long walks at any time of year. You can relax wonderfully in the great outdoors.