#9: This is our family room, suitable for 4 - maximum 5 people. It consists of two rooms and a shared bathroom.

The family room was completely renovated in 2020, is located on the 1st floor and can be reached via 18 (comfortable) steps.


Our family room is ideal for families with a maximum of 5 people - 2 adults and 3 children, but 3 adults and 2 children are also possible.

It is not suitable for 4 or 5 adults, as the bunk bed can only be 185 cm long due to structural conditions.

In addition to a double bed (1.80 m x 2 m), the main room has a sofa bed that can accommodate another person. There is also space for a table with chairs and an (open) cupboard.

In the small children's room, 2 children can sleep in a bunk bed (0.90 m x 1.85 m). The bathroom functions as a walk-through room.

There is a modern flat screen TV in the main room (there is no second TV in the children's room).

All rooms are equipped with modern hard floors.

On this floor, all guests can use a shared sun deck!